Exploring The Facts About HCG Texas Diets

Exploring The Facts About HCG Texas Diets
HCG is a hormone produced by the uterus especially during pregnancy. This hormone is today believed to play a crucial role for weight loss programs. Not much is known concerning this hormone yet and the mechanism of action it does this or what adverse effects it could cause. It is in this view that we explore the answers on hCG Texas diets.

First understanding where the treatment started helps. A famous medical doctor named Simeon conducted a study in pregnant mothers in India to see how starvation affected the pregnancy outcomes. In his study, he noted that there was a hormone that mobilized fat reserves of mothers and converted them to food that sustained the baby. It was from this finding that showed that when an overweight person is placed on a low calorie diet with this hormone, then their body fat will be broken down. He also noted that the fat breakdown concentrates on the abnormal unwanted stores while sparing the protective fat around body organs.

How safe this dietary treatment is to our bodies has also been a worry. This diet has over sixty years of use since the time of introduction. Throughout all this time, there have not been any reports of adverse reactions. The use is however tightly regulated through prescription only from medical care workers who will be able to maintain follow up.

There are also concerns on the need to impose a low diet meal along with the hormone if it is able to cut down fat alone. The explanation here is that a very low diet alone can lead to weight loss on its own but the fats that is destroyed from pure starvation will involve all body fats stores. This includes the protective fats on vital organs and structural fats. In addition the starvation destroys muscles and even weakens bones. The hCG hormone helps spare the important fats stores, muscle and bones. This is useful in maintaining body shapes.

Concerns also arise when the rate of losing weight suddenly stops or stagnates during the time of treatment. It is important to remember that this is a common finding especially in menstruation periods. This is because at these periods there are several different hormones elevated at the same time that could interfere with the hCG. Other reasons are that the body could still be remodeling which takes some time.

Setting enough time of sleep and rest during the time of taking this diet is important. The sleep should be at least eight hours per day. This is shown to promote the speed at which the body reduces in size. Doing exercises alongside the diet has no proven benefits whatsoever to the rate of losing weight. It is however encouraged for a healthy body.

De-faulting the prescription and missing some days of the scheduled plane could be risky. There is a tendency of the body to revert to a severe heavier weight that it was previously. Furthermore, once you resume back to the therapy, it could take time before more weight loss occurs.

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