Depression Is Quite A Common Condition

Depression Is Quite A Common Condition
But, if you feel as if you are dieting issues have more to do with appetite control and mood then with energy levels, then learning about 5-HTP may be able to help you. This is a unique diet product that has long been used as a natural antidepressant, and may be able to help you feel better and lose weight at the same time.

What is 5-HTP? This is an all-natural dietary supplement that has the ability to increase serotonin uptake within the body, and that can result in a number of positive changes for you.

You try to control your anxiety, but it often ends up controlling you. Restlessness and irritation prevent you from enjoying your everyday activities, and insomnia prevents you from sleeping at night. Some people find it hard to snap out of the feeling of defeat, despair and sadness without outside help.

5-HTP is naturally occurring in cells of the brain, our intestines, and in the platelets of our blood cells. When the walls of blood vessels become damaged, serotonin is then released to seal the vessel and prevent hemorrhaging.  The human body doesn't make a lot of 5-HTP. It occurs in the world in the seeds of a plant named Griffonia Simplicifoli in certain areas of West Africa. Across the globe people are implementing this into their diets and claim that it helps suppress their appetite and assists in their weight loss efforts.

One OTC (over-the-counter) depression relief supplement that that is garnering quite a bit of consumer stir on the market today is Serelax. One of the leading causes of depression is the imbalance of serotonin in the brain.

As with most natural weight loss supplements, 5-HTP will deliver the best results if you eat wisely and increase your exercise activity. The supplement will have only minimal effects on its own, but as long as you do not increase calorie consumption and maintain the same activity level, it will help. And if you happen to be pregnant, that you should definitely consult a physician before using.

Valerian Valerian is a flowering plant that has been used for centuries for a wide variety of illnesses and conditions, including epilepsy, liver problems, nervousness, urinary tract problems, nausea, and digestive ailments.

Suntheanine Suntheanine, is a proprietary substance obtained from green tea. For centuries in Asia, green tea has been known to provide relaxation and ease stress. Researchers have found that the L-theanine, an amino acid that can only be found in green tea, is responsible for the calming effect of this particular beverage.

A recent clinical study suggests that Suntheanine, a patented unadulterated form of L-theanine, is effective in promoting relaxation naturally. In the study, participants who took 50 to 200 mg of Suntheanine showed not only a spike in the Alpha brain waves, but also a significant reduction in Beta waves of the brain.

Is This The Right Diet Product For You? Of course, in addition to using this natural antidepressant and appetite suppressant, you should take care to watch your diet and become more active if you want to lose weight.

Overall, I really do like the Serelax product because it contains an effective well rounded formula that may be another option for those seeking a safer alternative to narcotic-based depression and insomnia medications.

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