HGH Supplement for Weight Loss

'Health is wealth'. Every individual in today's age believes in this adage. Considering the exposure of individuals to various forms of popular entertainment like television, magazines, etc we can surely say that every individual aspires for a well toned and lean body. So much is the craze for a lean figure that many people even consider a 'size zero figure' as their benchmark for beauty. The craze for a perfect and well toned body is more among women than among men. HGH (Human Growth Hormones) supplements have provided a ready solution to the needs of many people who want to reduce weight within a short span of time.
Human Growth Hormone is a hormone that is produced naturally in the body by the pituitary gland. This hormone is responsible for the growth process in adolescents. It also aids in other bodily functions like brain development, increased metabolism, etc. Various advantages of HGH Supplements are that they help in muscle repair, they reverse the ageing process, make stronger bones, etc. Cashing on the belief that HGH increases metabolism various pharmaceutical companies have developed HGH supplements for weight loss. Even health clubs and gyms throughout the country administer these supplements to their clients to see quick results in their clients.
However there is a flip side to these HGH Supplements. These supplements are not approved drugs in various developed countries. The American FDA does not approve of these supplements. Through various clinical trials on obese people who have taken these supplements over a period of time, scientists have found out that these supplements lead to only a small decrease in fat with no significant reduction in body weight. Taking these supplements to reduce weight is just a fad. Even if these supplements were to be an effective technique of weight loss, it is still not a healthy option for individuals to try this technique. The reason being so is that the true measure of a healthy body is the Body Mass Index (BMI) which is calculated by dividing the person's weight by the square of his height. In layman's terms it means a person's weight should be proportionate to his height.
The use of HGH Supplements to reduce weight is a new concept in India and this technique is not a time tested one too. People should not blindly ape the west and should not go for this passing fad. In fact the best solution would be for people to make certain changes in their lifestyle. They should exercise regularly, follow a balanced diet, drink lots of water and totally give up on junk food. People can also opt for various relaxation exercises like yoga and meditation as these exercises reduce stress. Reduction of stress in people would improve their willpower and they will not resort to binging on unhealthy snacks and junk food. In conclusion people should strike a balance between good living and healthy eating so as to bring about a complete change in their lifestyle and so that they can shift from a sedentary lifestyle to an active and healthy lifestyle.
The use of HGH Supplements to reduce weight is a new concept in India and this technique is not a time tested one too. People should not blindly ape the west and should not go for this passing fad.

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