Latest Fitness Trends A Personal Trainer West Hollywood Will Recommend To Clients

by Brandon Watkins

Latest Fitness Trends

West Hollywood is found at Los Angeles, California. There is a lot of new fitness or aerobic workouts currently available around USA, including West Hollywood. A personal trainer West Hollywood would recommend these newest crazes among his/her clients for their weight loss program or weight maintenance. These latest fitness trends tend to use more muscle groups in order to have a firmer and stronger body.


It is a form of Brazilian martial art in the form of dance and music. Brazilian martial art was once banned from African slaves, but still, they went on doing it under the guise of dance and music. The movements involve lots of stretching and acrobatic movements under the beat of Brazilian music. It is known to burn a lot of calories. This is truly a fun way to lose weight and get fit. It can also serve you well for self defense.

Zumba dance workouts

A personal trainer West Hollywood would also recommend the Zumba dance workout. This is so much fun as compared to the other conventional aerobic exercises. You will never get bored with the Zumba dance routine because each session involves different kinds of dance routines.

This is a good aerobic exercise that would make you lose calories and at the same time have a great time with friends while dancing to the tune of Zumba music.

Spin exercises

This aerobic exercise is an indoor cycling exercise with the use of a stationary bike. It is considered an aerobic exercise as you increase your heart rate when you do ascends and descends which can be programmed in the stationary bicycle. It can also be considered an anaerobic exercise because you get to tone and firm the legs, hips, and calf muscles.

Cross fit

A personal trainer West Hollywood would recommend this workout regimen to those who have a higher level of endurance and strength. It involves carrying heavy materials like a sack of sand and carrying them from one pole to the other. This is a very intense workout and not recommended for beginners. A personal trainer can determine if you are qualified to do cross fit training or not.

Step aerobics

You can hire the services of a personal trainer West Hollywood to guide you on the latest exercise craze called the step aerobics, but with the use of a see-saw step. The idea of this aerobic exercise is that the body can use more muscle group because the exercise equipment used is an unstable surface. The body has to learn how to balance, thus, more muscles are used for balance and stability.

Hip hop dance

This aerobic exercise is very suitable for the younger generation. This is a dance workout that is fun, hip and done with a funky music beat.

You should keep active for as long as you are able to, even at an advanced age. There are plenty of choices nowadays and there's no reason for you not to get fit. A personal trainer West Hollywood can help you choose on what exercise is best for you.

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