Great Weight Loss Program

Every great weight loss program leans on a defined structure that allows you to be successful in your goal to reduce corporal fat.
For that reason it is important that you know the weight loss basics that will finally help you follow a program to become thinner. If the program you are following does not include these two factors, it is more likely that you will end up frustrated, and with some extra pounds, so pay attention:
Diet and exercise must go together
1. The first and most important rule is to reach the Caloric Balance, in other words, the fastest way to lose weight is making a diet, so that less calories are eaten than those that are burned throughout the day.
Maintaining the balance between what it is spent and what is acquired is the first and more important weight loss rule. This factor is the one that produces more positive results in the short term. But it is a situation that cannot be sustained for an undefined time, since prolonged caloric restriction is not recommended.
It is important that a healthy balanced diet becomes a habit. It is necessary that you develop a natural daily routine which wont stress your will.
2. Another important factor that not just helps you in burning more calories, but also promotes important health improvements is physical activity. This is so because exercise accelerates general operation of the body and leads to a higher quality of life.
Exercise is an excellent complement of a diet in a great weight loss program. It is the main element in prevention of metabolic diseases programs, fighting the worse factor of risk than it is known: the sedentary lifestyle.
In order to get thin, exercise is necessary to burn 2,500 kilocalories a week, at least 800 of these kilocalories must be eliminated with intense exercising routines. A good diet program should contribute with the rest.
A sustained increase of metabolic cost of 200 kilocalories a day by means of physical activity could reduce corporal weight in around 5 kg in a period of 6 months, maintaining the caloric contribution through the diet, in balance.
The best weight loss programs for men and women must consider both, diet and exercise. Diet only won´t make it alone, and it is not intrinsically healthy, unless you include some physical activity. Therefore, diet and physical exercise are the foundations of a great weight loss program.
But never forget to prepare your mind developing patience and perseverance, so won´t give up in your plan to lose weight.
When people start a fitness routine to loose weight, and ignore making changes in their diet they run the risk of increasing body weight because of a natural response of the human body that make them feel more hungry. When we make exercise, our body prepares to maintain its natural energy reserves, and starts asking for more, so we feel hungry. Therefore it is important to anticipate yourself to this natural reaction of your body and prepare to follow a diet that will help you reach your caloric balance and feel satisfied.
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