Weight Loss Thinking

How many people are thinking about losing weight? We may never have a number on that, but I am quite certain that the number is very high. It is likely close to 95% of the people that are overweight think about a diet. The other 5% just in denial or can't admit that they should lose a few pounds. If a person knows that they should lose 20 or 30 pounds, what stops them from immediately doing something and not waiting until they need to lose 50 pounds? Everyone has their point of "no return" when he/she feels that they cannot wait another second to do something about the situation. Everyone is motivated by different things, so not everyone is ready to do something even though they know that it is in their best interests.
One thing that I mention in my "Thin Within" series is the thought process and motivations. A person that is told by his/ her physician that they should lose weight for health reasons has one kind of motivation. If the physician says "Lose weight or die" then that is a completely different kind of motivation. One is not imminent, the other is absolute! What has baffled health care professionals and persons in the psychological professions for ages, is while most individuals will, when told of their imminent demise if they don't act now, most will start immediately taking steps to lose weight. What is puzzling however, is that there are always those few individuals that just keep going on ignoring whatever information that they are given.
Thoughts tend to control what we do and who we are. It is a fact that the more we think about something, the greater the chance that we will act on that thought. For those that think about making a lot of money, they may start a business or rob a bank. To each his own. The person who constantly thinks about losing weight will at some point usually at least try to control what they eat and drink. Others will just go and get a weight loss shot every couple of weeks. Everyone wants it easy, even if it is not the best way to accomplish their weight loss goals.
The fact is, most people CAN and do lose weight, and they can lose weight without having to give up completely on the things that they like to eat. Again, thinking about what you are doing is going to make you successful. Cutting back on portions and waiting for 15 to 20 minutes before going back for seconds will usually help us reduce our calorie intake.
There are so many people that are in danger of losing their lives due to some complication from being overweight, that some health care people consider it to be epidemic in proportion. Over 300,000 people a year die because they are overweight. Losing weight is basic, eat less and move more. If you THINK about what you do you can burn off more calories each day than you do normally.
How many people tell their kids to go and get them something from the refrigerator? Get it yourself. How often do you change the channel on the T.V.? Move the remote further away so that you at least have to reach for it. Mow at least part of your yard with a push mower instead of using the lawn tractor all of the time. Thinking about weight loss is the first step to losing weight. Do not forget the DO SOMETHING part.
As a former gymnastics coach of over 35 years and personal trainer, Mr. Bates now works as a Performance Psychology Consultant helping individuals to achieve their goals. His primary area is weight control. To get more information about weight loss from Mr. Bates, you can visit him at: http://www.youreasyweightloss.com

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