The Value Of Organic Probiotics

The Value Of Organic Probiotics
Several prominent nutritional supplement manufacturers offer organic probiotics to health-conscious consumers. Many people prefer to choose organically-certified foods to ensure that everything they eat is pure and high quality. There's no reason not to take the same care when purchasing dietary supplements.

Beneficial bacteria, or flora, that live in a healthy digestive tract carry out important functions in your body. They help digest foods, enhance the absorption of nutrients, and help defend the body from toxic substances that can result from improper diet, artificial additives, and environmental pollution. Even normal metabolic functions can leave toxins that must be eliminated quickly and completely to maintain optimal health.

You are probably familiar with yogurt, which is now sold in every grocery store across the nation. This 'cultured' milk product is made with milk and bacteria (flora) added as the 'culture'. Lactobacillus is the strain most familiar to the general public, but it is only one of many beneficial organisms used around the world to culture foods and drinks.

One result of not eating foods rich in beneficial bacteria is an over-growth of Candida, also known as intestinal yeast. The epidemic of weight gain, yeast infections, and nail fungus testify to the lack of good flora in our systems. Candida can thrive under conditions which kill good flora, which naturally controls yeast cells when conditions are suitable for their survival. Antibiotics also contribute to Candida problems.

Unpleasant side effects of Candida overgrowth are impaired digestion and flatulence. Yeast cells thrive on sugar, so a diet rich in unrefined carbohydrates helps them triumph over beneficial flora. This disrupts proper digestion, making nutrients unavailable to the body. It leads to weight gain and toxicity, as well. Taking a probiotic supplement and following a diet rich in whole foods and fiber helps restore a proper balance.

The organic certification of a supplement is an assurance of clean and properly resourced ingredients. Many probiotic formulas contain other things like whole foods, enzymes, and fibers that help bacteria establish themselves in the human digestive tract. Healthy colonies of beneficial flora are only found in an environment with the proper pH and the nutrients they need to thrive.

The right formula will contain pH balancing foods. Many people live with a system that is too acidic for health and the maintenance of beneficial flora in their stomachs. The modern epidemic of acid reflux is one of the signs that the standard diets of many and the over-use of antibiotics are harming our health. A good formula will also contain enzymes, which are essential for proper digestion, and densely-nutritious foods that nourish both the bacteria and their host (you).

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