Yoga Bridge Pose

Yoga Bridge Pose
The benefits of prenatal yoga are beyond any count. This form of exercise is a safe, effective way to tone and strengthen your body during every stage of pregnancy. Not only it prepares your body for motherhood and labor, but also lowers stress levels, reduces inflammation, and calms your mind. Prenatal yoga classes focuses on poses that increase the flexibility of the muscles used during childbirth.

If you're ready to start exercising, try the pregnancy yoga bridge pose. It's ideal for expectant moms. This simple exercise aids in digestion, reduces stress levels, and stretches your chest and neck. The pregnancy yoga bridge pose is also referred to as the half wheel.

To get started, lie on your back and bend the knees. Bring your your feet parallel on the floor. Keep them close to your buttocks. Have your arms at your sides. Try not to move your head and neck once you are in the pose. Lift your hips up. Stay in this posture for about a minute. The more your belly grows, the more challenging this pose will become.

This exercise should be avoided by people suffering from neck or knee injuries. The pregnancy yoga bridge pose honors the feminine energy that allows women to give birth. By performing this pose daily, you will enjoy better digestion and strengthen your pelvic muscles and reproductive organs.

Studies have shown that the pregnancy yoga bridge pose opens the chest and expands your lungs, which can increase your breathing capacity. This asana helps reverse the stress and strain of sitting at the computer all day. It also develops spinal flexibility and builds pelvic floor strength.

This posture is suitable for those who suffer from high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and asthma. It also relieves PMS and reduces anxiety. This asana has no adverse effects during pregnancy.