Essential Information About Cataract Surgery Orange

Cataract surgery refers to the operation performed to replace a clouded lens with and artificial lens that is more clear and transparent. It is considered as an outpatient case and is performed by eye specialists known as ophthalmologists. It is a safe surgical procedure that is used to correct this eye condition. It is only after cataract surgery Orange county residents suffering from this condition are able to resume with their normal way of life.

Most people complain of poor night vision, impaired vision which is mainly blurred, faded colors, glare and inability to stay for a long time with the same glasses or contact lenses. However, some of these symptoms may precede certain eye conditions and not necessarily cataracts and therefore consulting a medical expert is important to establish the correct disease. There are certain eye exams that are used to establish the underlying cause.

When these symptoms are detected, they can first be dealt with using magnifying glasses, brighter lighting, suitable glasses or sunglasses to prevent the glare of the sun. When these cases prove to be less useful most doctors recommend this procedure. The doctors have to examine the suitability of a patient and provide information regarding potential risks. Delaying this procedure may give way to other serious complications.

Prior to the operation, the ophthalmologist or optometrist performs a comprehensive eye scan to evaluate the overall health of the eye. They also seek to establish conditions that may limit the candidacy of an individual for the process and any risk factors present. Refraction is performed to determine the exact amount of astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness. Additional measurements of the eyes are taken to determine the length and curvature of the eye.

One advantage of this surgery is that is very quick. The time taken by the patients to recover is also reasonable which may even be a single day. The procedure itself takes about 30 to 40 minutes and the outcome is immediate with individuals being able to see clearly. Cases involving both eyes are dealt with as separate sessions.

Today, technological advancements have led to the discovery of numerous techniques that employ ultra sound techniques with a very high frequency to break the cataracts. These are then removed through suction mechanisms. A common technique is referred to as phacoemulsification which is performed through making some incisions. The healing is faster and the negative effects are few. All the remnants are removed and the eye cleaned before the insertion of the lens is done.

The risks that are known to result from this treatment are few. Some of those at a greater risk are children and individuals affected with certain conditions. These include advanced glaucoma, serious myopia and those who have been treated using certain medications before. Posterior capsule opacification affects a large majority of patients and can oly be rectified through laser surgery.

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