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African Mango is a relatively new phenomenon for US and the rest of western world but it has been used for centuries by the natives of Cameroon in Africa. They call it "Dikka Nuts" and they also believe that weight loss is just one of the many benefits of this fruit.

How African Mango Extract works Toxins are mainly responsible for blocking the body's ability to absorb nutrients which are very important for boosting metabolism. Our body's internal fat burning system fails due to toxin blockage and we keep growing fat. With growing fat deposits, the metabolism also slows down which gives rise to several ailments not just obesity.  African Mango extract is actually the extract from its seeds which is known to have several medicinal properties. This extract attacks the toxin blockage and removes the entire blockage so that our body starts absorbing nutrients which is required for melting fat.

Irvignia Gabonensis is a rich source of Vitamin B which is essential for speeding up metabolism of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Your body gets more energy when these substances are metabolized easily. With higher energy levels you can exercise more which will result in more fat loss.

How its Extract works Studies suggest that African mango seed extracts helps people make more sensitive to Leptin which is a hormone responsible for fat storage especially on the abdomen.

Usually obese people become resistant to Leptin therefore start depositing fat on their midsection. African Mango extract based products help them overcome this resistance naturally. Once you start consuming it; your natural fat burning process is triggered.

African Mango Extract- How to use it correctly Many people believe that simply taking the diet pill will take care of all weight loss issues. While it is true in some cases if you go for rapid weight loss pills that are effective appetite suppressants, African mango works somewhat differently. You will see remarkable results if you combine the diet with some exercise program. Also care should be taken that you do not keep on eating toxin foods while taking this fruit extract based diet. There is no point in flushing out toxin and consuming more toxins through junk food. It will simply not be effective if you do not control your junks eating habits.

How Much weight can you lose The manufacturers of some brands claim that you can lose approximately 12 pounds in 28 days which is not bad. In fact you can lose more weight if you combine the diet with some exercise or other physical activities.

Make sure that you go for genuine and Pure African Mango Extract for maximum possible health benefits.

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