The Advantages Of Organic Dark Chocolate

The Advantages Of Organic Dark Chocolate
People all over the world love to eat chocolates. Some of these, like a milk bar with many added sweet ingredients, is obviously not good for your health. However, organic dark chocolate not only tastes good but has many wonderful health benefits too. It can be eaten without any feeling of guilt.

Products are only certified organic if they conform to strict standards. They must be grown under certain conditions. No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers may be used. Genetically modified organisms and ionizing radiation are not allowed. There is an emphasis on sustainability too.

Fortunately, as demand grows, producers are creating bars using more real cocoa. Often these bars show a percentage on their wrappers, which indicates the amount of ingredients in the bar that actually come from the cocoa bean. There are other ingredients used in these bars like unrefined cane sugar and emulsifiers. Some people prefer bars without emulsifiers like soy-lecithin and they usually have a higher cocoa butter content.

Cocoa is grown best in tropical climates with regular rainfall. Much of it is grown in West African countries like Ghana. Manufacturers often prefer to use fair trade certified products as this ensures fair trading and working conditions. Sustainability of resources is also important.

Research has revealed that cocoa has a very high level of antioxidants. These are usually found in fruit and vegetables as well as in beverages like tea, coffee and wines. They help to decrease blood pressure and encourage heart health. They prevent tissue and cell damage by absorbing free radicals.

Minerals like copper, iron, zinc and magnesium are also found in cocoa. All of these minerals are critical for healthy functioning of the body. Magnesium helps to keep the brain, heart and digestive system functioning well. Iron is needed for the red blood cells that transport oxygen throughout the body. Zinc is found in cells throughout the body and helps the immune system to work properly.

One of the ingredients in cocoa is tryptophan. This is an essential amino acid that the brain needs to produce serotonin. High serotonin levels give rise to happy feelings. It does not only contain serotonin but other neurotransmitters like dopamine too. Many people consume chocolates when they are feeling down for its comforting properties and ability to elevate their mood.

Although the health benefits of dark chocolates are unquestionable, people often think that they have a bitter taste. They are often pleasantly surprised. The taste is much more intense than that of a more processed product and many people prefer this. Other ingredients like fruit or vanilla may be added to soften any bitterness.

These products are becoming so popular that they are more widely available than ever before. They are sold at health stores, farmers markets and at many online stores too. One can easily place orders online at the websites of manufacturers. If you want to enjoy the pleasure of chocolates without any of the guilt, make sure that you choose organic dark chocolate.

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