An Introduction To Italian Food Avon OH

Italian Food
A lot of the foods we traditionally associate with Italy did not actually originate there. Most people are aware of Marco Polo introducing noodles from China. However what you may not know is that the tomatoes that are such a key part of many Italian dishes actually came from America and went back to Italy. Ironically a lot of Italian food Avon OH found its way back there!

There are specialities that come from Italy that are beloved all over the world. However there are different ways of making them. Some forms of pizza and pasta are more authentic than others and indeed it is these processes that will affect the quality of the food you get.

As with other cuisines this resulted in changes as the immigrant families changed their recipes to suit what was available in the local area. Restaurants would serve spaghetti with big meatballs and thick sauces or pizzas with generous toppings and a lot of people still do this when making pasta or pizza.

The style of the South will often seem more familiar to international tastes. This is because they tend to use the thicker sauces and generous toppings that people have come to associate with Italian food. This is mainly because a lot of the first immigrants from Italy tended to come from Sicily and therefore brought their food culture with them.

It is also worth remembering that Italy is also about more than just pasta and pizza. A lot of regions have distinct specialities. In Florence bistecca a la Fiorentina is popular. This is a steak that is in effect part fillet and part sirloin. Other specialities will depend on the region.

This approach meant that when immigrants came to America they adapted their recipe to suit what was available in the country. The first wave mainly came from Sicily and therefore a lot of the recipes reflected that area. These are characterised by thick sauces and large amounts of meat.

Naturally times change and recipes adapt. Inevitably you will get some places that cater for the fast food crowd and others that favour haute cuisine. What you choose inevitably depends on circumstances and your own personal preferences. What may seem appropriate for your friends before you go out may not necessarily be right if you are looking to impress someone on a date!

The way to find an appropriate place for Italian food is to check reviews online. Generally speaking it is worth going on several websites and social media platforms in order to get a range of views. It is also important to pay attention to practical issues such as hygiene ratings, disabled access and whether or not there is convenient parking or a valet service. It is also important to check whether or not you need a reservation and how far in advance you have to book. In short with the right approach you will be able to avoid disappointment!

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