The Importance of Sleep in Weight Loss

If you are seeking to lose a few pounds, you may or may not have heard about how important it is to get enough sleep. This article will provide the specific reasons why sleep is important in trying to lose weight and how it will aid you in your weight-loss endeavor.
Sleep helps the body with metabolism. Metabolism is the rate at which food is taken in, processed, and digested by the body. People with slow metabolisms and fast metabolisms can eat the same amount of food and achieve different results. Sleeping regularly aids the body in metabolizing food by making it easier for the body to store energy broken down from food.
Sleeping helps keep insulin levels down. You need not be a diabetic to understand the importance of healthy insulin levels- you need only be seeking to lose weight. Healthy insulin levels help the body break down sugars, thus preventing them from being stored as excess fats.
Sleep also helps keep leptin levels normal. Leptin plays a key role on energy expenditure, and helps keep the body regular in terms of hormonal balance and in terms of levels of exhaustion. Like many neurological chemicals, it important to have a healthy balance of leptin.
Sleep also prevents insulin resistance, which is important in preventing diabetes and other blood-glucose disorders. Insulin resistance leads to a storage of sugars as body fat. By preventing insulin resistance, you prevent the aggregation of excess sugars in the body as fat.
Sleeping regularly helps maintain a healthy blood pressure. This is important, because the movement of the blood and other circulation-related functions help the body filter out waste.
Sleeping regularly also helps to keep the risk of heart disease low, because it lowers the heart rate and allows the body to repair itself.
Sleep helps give the brain a chance to relax, reboot, and reprogram. This is important, especially in reducing stress. It also helps improve mood, and thus makes it easier to have a positive outlook on life, physical activity, and otherwise restrictive diets.
Sleep helps the body replenish its energy store, thus lowering cravings for carbohydrates-- a prime energy source. By lowering carbohydrate cravings, you lessen the chances of having excess carbs stored in the body.
Sleep also slows the rate of fat storage. This is particularly important in losing weight, as fat storage is particularly undesirable. Additionally, by lowering the rate of fat storage, the rate of waste removal increases, and the body benefits through the detoxification process.
Sleep is very important in overall health, not just weight loss. Healthy sleeping patterns help the body to perform at peak physical condition and therefore helps you perform at your best in any and all aspects, including cognitively, athletically, socially, et cetera.
It is imperative that you get enough sleep, both during and not during weight loss periods. Using the advice in this article will aid you in deciding when to go to sleep, particularly during weight-loss periods. Choosing to sleep over not sleeping is an important decision but may be the one that looses you the most weight.

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