4 Essential Tools For Weight Loss

Losing weight can be overwhelming for most persons mainly because of the numerous amount of information that are out there on what you should and shouldn't do. With this in mind I have created the weight loss essential that anyone regardless of your fitness level can do to lose those extra pounds. Below are four weight loss essentials that if they are adhered to can result in gradual weight loss over time. And whether we want to admit it or not, the best way to lose weight is gradually overtime, since those fly by night or fad methods of getting to the size you want are usually too strenuous and in some cases impossible to achieve
1. Move for thirty (30) minutes a day. Note I did not say walk, or run, or skip or do aerobics (if you do these you would have much better results in a faster time) or any structured form of exercise because in my experience when persons hear of a particular exercise it is either an immediate turn off or they make an immediate commitment to do it and after a week or so for some reason they realize that they cannot stick to that exercise and they eventually quit. It is of fundamental importance that physical activity be incorporated in any weight loss program. This ensures not only faster results but that you are working on your overall health. Exercise not only causes you to lose weight but it promotes wellness, it improves metabolism and among other important benefits it is reported to improve self esteem. I you have been struggling to get to a particular size chances are that you may not be very comfortable with your self image and exercising works on that. Now when I mentioned move for thirty minutes do not let that daunt your spirit. You can split the thirty minutes into 3 ten minutes session spread throughout the day or into 2 fifteen minutes sessions of physical activity. The form of physical activity you engage in is totally up to you. You could chose to walk some flight of stairs, walk your dog, dance, play an outdoor sport, or anything you find interesting and achievable.
2. Substitute half of your lunch for fresh fruits or veggies, or if you like variety add both fresh fruits and vegetables. Here you get a chance to chose whatever you like and use that. Do not think that you need to have a constant diet of the vegetables you do not like in order to be successful in your weight loss endeavors. The more you enjoy whatever you eat or do the more likely it would be to stick with it and when you stick with a regimen you will be very successful in long run. If you are wondering why substitute your normal lunch for fruits and veggies well the answer is simple these generally have fewer calories, are rich in vitamins and minerals and they add bulk to the diet, so you would be satisfied, filled and also lose the extra pounds you want to get rid of.
3. Being accountable, this may not seem essential for persons trying to get into shape but if you think about it you would begin to see its importance. Many times we start something and not continue because there is no one that will directly be affected by it and no one to call us out and say well what happened or why did you not continue a particular project, (I am sure we all have those experiences), so we have no need to stick to anything and losing weight is no exception we think that well because it is not necessarily going to directly affect others we are under no obligation to stick with it. In the event that there is someone that keeps checks on us to see if we are doing what we said we would do we are more likely to stick with our plans and adapting a healthy lifestyle is no different. So tell someone what you are doing, or if you do not have anyone you can tell personally, join a support group online there are a number of free online forums and support groups available.
4. Be disciplined, this is the last and most important point that I would mention. Many persons who have started and stopped adapting healthy practices would tell you that they stopped not because it was overly difficult or too demanding. They would say that they simply lost interest and stopped either because they were not seeing immediate results or something else got in the way or they have stopped one program to start another. I cannot emphasis enough the importance of sticking to something. It pays off tremendously well in the end.
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