Basic Tip to Losing Weight Without Dieting

I do have a weight issue.
However, I am usually not bothered by it. I will only look into the problem when I have to start spending money for new clothes; I can no longer fit into the current one. I mean, I will rather spent the money on food instead.
Having less money to spend on food will be enough to at least make me think about going on a diet.
So how do I try to lose weight?
I will usually turn to a diet or exercise programme. Unfortunately, I will always have problem trying to keep up with any of the diet or exercise regimes.
I know that exercise is good for me but somehow, exercising makes me susceptible to allergic attacks.
You see, I am allergic to sweats that comes about from hard, physical labour. It makes me itch, tired and hungry. Therefore, to minimize any adverse reactions from exercising, I sometimes skip some of the exercise routine. Okay, most of the routine! Generally, I figured if it is making me so uncomfortable, it must not be good. So I stop exercising, for now.
Going on a dieting usually do allow me to lose some weight. The problem is that it put me in an endless struggle with myself. I will be constantly pounded by the feeling of guilt. I do not like that feeling, especially when I am trying to finish the chocolate dessert. Anyway the weight loss is usually temporary. Somehow, I will gain more weight once I stop dieting. So there is no point to losing weight if it keeps coming back, right?
Is there hope for me?
How can I lose that weight without dieting?
I am medically unfit to exercise and yet I am unable to go on a diet. Is there any answer to my problem?
The answer I find, is actually simple.
The tip is; to identify and change my habit. Simple right? Why didn't I discover this earlier?
What makes me do the same thing everyday? What will make me be a different person?
It is my habits! So the thing that makes me fat is my habits! There you go...
I now know that my success at maintaining my current weight, losing it and then keeping it off relies completely on whether I can change my habits. Once I change my habits, then I will become the kind of person who can naturally manage my weight issues, without force or excuse.
So how do I go about changing my habits?
To do that, I must first correct my aim. I should aim to manage my current weight, then slowly lose any extra weight and then keep it off.
It should no longer be about how fast I can get rid of my excess weight.
Once I have my aim right, then I should zoom in on my focus. My focus is to change my habits. I will not be able to succeed if I keep doing the same thing over and over again. It will not yield any different results no matter how hard I try. I don't have to go on a diet again. I just need to make changes to my habit.
However, the changes I make must last and something that I can live with for the rest of my life. In order to make the changes last, everything I do should fit seamlessly into my life and yet allow me to still have a fun, enjoyable life. It is always best to lose weight easily, naturally and without dieting. I can only do this by changing my current habits.
Having said that, changing a person's habit is not so simple. Fortunately, in this current age and technology, I am sure there will always be references to show the proper way. A guide to make the transition easier and to explain the do's and don'ts. I just have to choose the one that will work for me.
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