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Our minds are what our bodies become.
If you are close minded and very negative about life, your body is going to start to present itself that way.
You will have a hard time controlling your life if you are not a strong-minded person that can think for themselves.
If you are having trouble finding the right mind-set for your life to ensure that your mind is tough and ready for anything, it's important that you gain control of it so you can be happy and healthy.
Here are seven helpful things that you can do to enable your mind to think clearly while becoming stronger and well controlled.
1. "What If.." No No No!
Don't spend all your time dwelling on the possibilities of things going wrong. Instead, always imagine things going well! Put yourself in the mind-set that you will achieve at whatever it is you are doing in life. Even if you are just making a nice dinner for some friends and you are worried that nobody is going to like it or that you are going to mess up. Don't think that way. Always picture yourself in the best possible situations. The more positive you are about things, the more likely they are to actually happen as you want them. So it's very important that you take that "what if.." and you remove it from your mind and get it as far away from you as possible. If you think negative thoughts, you will experience those negative thoughts in reality.
2. Express Yourself-
Your mind needs to be set free every once in a while. If you are always holding in what you are thinking and what is on your mind, you are hiding who you are. This will make your mind feel too crowded, hence making it more weak. Try to find someway to express yourself every day. This could be writing in a journal, dancing, singing, drawing.. Anything that will help you put into words or an action of who you really are. Your mind will feel set free and it will leave much more room for growth and strength.
3. Stay Positive About Your Image-
When it comes to keeping a healthy shape and working on your physical appearance, it's best to always keep the best attitude possible at hand. When you focus too much on the minor flaws that you feel you have, it will surely keep your mind restrained as you will develop too much of a complex. You won't be able to express yourself freely and feel comfortable. Look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself how beautiful or good-looking you really are.
Try writing down one thing everyday that you like about yourself, and hang them up around your mirror. This is a wonderful way to look deep within yourself to find your true beauty. It's also great way to remind yourself daily of those things, as it's good to be reminded. You'll remember them more and you'll think about them more. All of which will make you so much more comfortable with yourself, enabling you to express your mind in the best way possible.
4. Try New Things-
It's good for you mind and body to get out if their comfort zone every once in a while. You don't want to feel that you are stuck in a rut by any means. This will also improve the way that you handle different situations that come up when you weren't expecting them. It's easy to do things differently everyday, instead of coming home and watching television, take your dog for your walk or read a new book. Take a different way to work everyday. The slightest changes that you make in your day everyday will help you be calm and rational when something comes up that you aren't prepared for.
5. Who You Are Around, Matters-
It is true that we will start to act like the people we hang around with. As much as people like to say that they have their own mind, it is likely that you will pick up one or two habits from somebody that you are around very often without realizing it. This is why it's important to surround yourself with strong-minded people.
Be around people that will build you up rather than make you assume the worst all the time. If you are with someone a lot of the time that is always putting themselves down, you either need to help that person get into the correct mindset or not be around them as much. You don't want negativity and close mindedness to become who you are, so it's best to leave any chance of it rubbing off on you behind you.
6. Read a Book-
It is no secret that reading is very important for the human brain. Reading stimulates the brain in ways that you wouldn't even imagine. Your creativity and imagination will grow while becoming a better and stronger reader. Instead of falling asleep with the TV on, spend time reading before you go to bed. Even 10 pages a night will do wonders for you and your mind. Try to find books that will peak your interests rather than bore you. Do some research on some of the best books that will build your mind strength and pick one that will be very consuming to you. You want to be able to take in all of the book's benefits that it has to offer, so be sure you are picking something good for you.
7. Put Yourself to the Test-
Challenging yourself is VERY important in building the strength of your mind. Your mind will become dull and lifeless if it is not put to the test. Read harder books, do more difficult puzzles, work out harder. The more you challenge yourself to become better at something, the stronger your mind will become. This is one of the most important things that you can do when it comes to building mental strength, so don't always take the easy way out of tough situations you are presented with.
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