It Starts With Bed Dancing

This “Bed-Dancing” concept often gets a few chuckles… but I want you to stay with me on this one as I explain exactly what it is (and isn’t) and how you can incorporate this in your exercise routine today.

I’ll begin by expressing how essential Bed-Dancing was in my life right after I had the RNY gastric bypass bariatric weight-loss surgery: VERY ESSENTIAL. That’s shooting straight from the hip!

Definition of Bed-Dancing: “the exercise activity that incorporates established exercise movements while positioned on your back in the bed to minimize the stress and strains on joints and muscles when a person is morbidly obese.” This is the best brief definition I could come up with since I am nowhere near a Webster genius.

Right after my surgery, I knew that it was important to MOVE MY BODY and begin to exercise. The biggest benefit I saw at the time was that it increased my blood circulation that was necessary to help my surgical wounds to heal. This was my main motivation. And when I weighed 317 pounds, there was no way I was “eager” to incorporate an exercise routine because my body was so large, and my arthritis so painful, I just could not bear putting such stress on my joints and muscles at that heavy weight.

I had a master plan to put on my favorite “high-spirited” CD (Latin music makes me feel like dancing), put on my sweats, and I went into my bedroom as I announced to the household, “Don’t bother me for one hour….no matter what,” then shut the door. As I began to “dance” to the tunes, OH MY GOLLY… I couldn’t last more than five minutes! My incision hurt, my joints hurt, and I collapsed on my bed, falling deeper in disappointment that I could not see myself achieving an exercise routine.

But soon, as the Latin CD kept spinning, I found myself “moving” to the music while I was in bed… WOW… I then thought, “Hey, I can DANCE on my BACK!” So with legs and arms in the air flailing like a floppy fish… I discovered how someone who weighed 317 pounds COULD exercise… but not the traditional way… but by Bed-Dancing! Thus, the birth of my newly-found method launched me into a very SUCCESSFUL exercise routine that I could do often without putting stress on my joints!

But be cautious when you talk about Bed-Dancing to others… they automatically begin to chuckle at what you call the standard “bed activity” now. (blushing yet?)

What you need for Bed-Dancing:

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