Lose Weight by Eating Apples

100 grams of apples only contain 23 calories. At the same time, apples are rich in fruit acid, pectin, dietary fiber and vitamin. Those substances can promote bowel movements, also it can accelerate detoxification. Still apples can increase full feeling and reduce your appetite. Apples are the best slimming edge tool. We can make different apple diet according to different age periods. Let's learn the most reasonable apples diet as bellow.
Apple yogurt salad for 18-20 years old girls
If you want to lose weight by eating apples. You must consider the exuberant metabolism and growth characteristics in this stage. Cut tomatoes and cucumbers into small slices, then use yogurt as sauce and stir them well. Take this dish as a meal. Of course, the salad ingredients can be replaced by other fruits and vegetables. Except for apples, we can add some low heat seasonal fruits.
Apple abrosia diet for 20-22 years old girls
It takes a week as a treatment course.
Day 1, you can eat nothing but apples or paiyouji.
Day 2, you should avoid high heat food, eat more porridge without apples.
Day 3, you should eat nothing but apples or paiyouji at three meals.
Day 4, 6 repeat the eating method in Day 2
Day 5, 7 repeat the eating method in Day 3
Insist on the apple abrosia diet for a week, it can help you accelerate fat metabolism and expel toxin. After a week, you will find that it is not a big deal to lose 5 kg of weight.
Apple vinegar for 22-25 years old
After work, life is becoming more and more regular. But exercises amount is becoming smaller and smaller. For most time we have to work in office. Our metabolism begins to slow down. So it is easier to become fatter. At this stage, you had better not take advantage of abrosia diet, otherwise your work and life schedule will be broken. Girls can buy some sugar free apple vinegar, the condensed apple vinegar is better. Use warm water to dilute it and add some apple blocks in it. We can also drink vinegar while eating apples. This method can be used to replace dinner. After a month, you can easily lose 2-4 kg of weight.
Peanut apple sauce for 25- 28 years old
In this period, we need maintenance as well as losing weight. So some big changes should happen in apple diet. Peel off the apple skin and make apples into purees, stir well and add some crushed peanuts. This dish fully takes advantage of apples' slimming effect, peanuts are nutrient ingredients. Matching peanuts with apples can increase the nutrition in this dish. This dish increases our full feeling. Use peanut apple sauce to replace dinner, insist on for a month, your weight will decrease 2-5 kg.

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