Should You Change Your Routine While Cutting?

When people try to lose fat, they usually lower the intensity of their weight training, increase the frequency of cardio and switch to lighter weights with high reps. A combo of all three of these is a surefire way to lose the muscle gains that you worked so hard for.
The Truth
Continue To Lift Heavy And Keep Reps The Same (6-10)
If you start lifting lighter weights, you tell your body that it doesn't really need its muscle, combined with a calorie deficit its catabolism at it's best. The theory of light weight high reps came from the assumption that high reps with light weight shape, tone and striate the muscle. This is entirely false you cannot change the shape of your muscle. The shape of your muscles are determined by your genetics, you can only make them bigger or smaller. There is no such thing as toning a muscle but you can get leaner which will make you look firmer. As for adding striations to your muscles expect to go sub 7% body fat. So lift heavy to maintain your muscle while dieting.
Emphasize Diet Over Cardio
Many people start doing cardio like crazy to lose fat, while paying little attention to their diet. Unless your in a calorie deficit YOU WONT LOSE FAT. By emphasizing your diet more you are pretty much guaranteed to lose fat. By having a deficit of 500 calories daily you will lose a pound of fat a week. Would you rather do 50 minutes of cardio daily or cut out 55 grams of fat?
Do The Cardio Which Suits You
You should be doing some cardio while cutting, 3-4 sessions per week will be just fine. With the debate of high intensity interval training (HIIT) or low intensity steady state cardio (LISS) going on, many people are confused. The truth is at the end of the day the calorie burn will be the same. But they both have major advantages. One huge benefit of HIIT is its very brief, if you are stuck for time HIIT is for you. LISS on the other hand is much easier to perform because you don't need as much energy as you do with HIIT. While dieting your energy levels wont be that high so LISS is ideal. But if you have the energy HIIT is a great choice.
So adhere to these principles, don't follow the masses and get the ripped physique you deserve. So if you were wondering should you change your routine while cutting, the answer is not really.
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