Somebody Give Me a Reason!

...then I'll lose some weight!
What will it take to make us take action?
How bad does it have to get before we face the facts?
It's too hard to make the commitment!
Recognise any of the above? - we've all used them at some point.
If we imagine a one hundred metre hurdle race in front of us now with just 5 jumps to get over. And when you get to the other end you will be your ideal weight.
One hundred metres isn't really that far is it but if we liken those jumps to changes and decisions we need to make to get there some of them are frickin' massive. Especially the first one - that's huge and a bit scary.
You're on the start line... and that first hurdle and probably the biggest baddest one you'll have to tackle to get to where you want to be is the 'Decision to start hurdle'. Imagine that first hurdle right in front of you now - just a few paces away. It's ten feet tall now but if you make the decision to actually do this it will self destruct.
The next hurdle is only 8 feet tall and it's the 'Commitment to see this through hurdle'.
So you've stepped off the line and made a decision - you're going to do this. And now you've made a commitment to see it through to your ideal weight. See that second hurdle explode into a million pieces.
Your ideal weight doesn't have to be a size ten - in fact that's probably the worst thing to aim for. Your ideal weight is something only you know and it's when you can look in the mirror and say to yourself 'yeah I like my body'. That day will come if you just keep doing it...
The next hurdle is much lower, only 4 feet this time. Getting lower all the time aren't they.
This hurdle is the 'Mindful eating hurdle'. all that means is be aware of what and how much you eat and change that - i.e. eat less and eat better. By which I mean, regulate your meals and eat more healthy food and less calorific junk like fizzy drinks and processed foods.
You don't have to make that change all at once - it can start a bit at a time. Just change one or two things to start until they become your preferred choice (or habit).
The next hurdle is only 2 feet high. You could virtually step straight over it and that why it's called the 'Move more hurdle'. I'm not suggesting the gym 5 times a week, frankly I find that boring and painful. What I'm talking about is a 15 or 20 walk to start with, once a week to start with. You could either get off the bus one stop earlier or park half a mile further away from work. Just walking burns about 250 to 350 calories an hour.
And the last hurdle is 6 inches high - and it's the 'Easy from here on hurdle'. Because you've done all you need to do to reach that finish line.
That finish line can be a year away. And the goal at that finish line might be to lose one stone (14 pounds). And guess what if you can do that once you can do it again, and again and it will get easier and easier.
This is not intended as a weight loss plan, but more a reflective practice. Please always seek medical advice before making changes to your eating habits and lifestyle.
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