Tips For Making A Home Cervical Traction Device

Cervical Traction Device
Back injuries can be quite severe at times and often require therapy of various sorts to either relieve pressure within the spinal column or to realign the spinal column. A car or sports accident are two of the common causes of back injuries, but internal injuries could play a role here as well. Doctors may recommend that their patients who suffer from back pain try using a cervical traction device.

The purpose of this type of therapy is to realign the spine with a fairly forceful upward pulling motion. It is done to help eliminate any pain that is caused by the injured, or once-injured, person. The therapy involves pulling the skull gently in sessions that are performed over a period of time.

While there are products that can be purchased for this type of treatment, such as specially designed pillows, a person can also perform the treatment at home with a few household objects. The benefits of the treatment include pain relief from pinched nerve roots, injured spinal disks and moving joints. This type of therapy can also be used along with medication that has been prescribed by a doctor.

To perform the therapy at home you will need a rope and a small towel. You will also need to find a location within the home that is suitable. The location will be alongside a sturdy door that has a door knob, and one that can close firmly. The entire procedure will just take a few minutes per day to complete.

You will first need to set up your supporting sling, which is done with the rope and towel. The rope is fastened to the door handle and to one side of the towel, allowing the towel's other side to just touch the ground. You can tie the rope and towel in any manner, so long as it is at the correct length and so that you have space on the towel to rest your head.

Facing upwards, lie down on the floor with your head at the door, so that you can place it inside the 'towel sling' that you have just made. It is now important to get into the correct position. Your head will be resting within the sling. It should not be not be on the floor, but in a slightly 'up' position that is comfortable. Be careful that your neck is not angled backwards or forwards, and that your back and neck is as straight as possible.

The recommended time for staying in this position is seven minutes when it's your first time. Make sure that you do not go over this time, therefore, use a stopwatch. On the second day, the therapy will be for eight minutes, and on the third day, nine minutes. You are therefore adding a minute per day. Stop when you are at fifteen minutes.

Home therapy with a simple neck cervical traction device such as the one described is safe and convenient. It requires no special expertise or equipment, but has the power to bring relief from pain. Perhaps, depending on your circumstances, you will need other devices, but your doctor can make recommendations for those. Your doctor should also be consulted before trying out any method of therapy, especially if it is one that you plan to do yourself.

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  1. As said, we should consult with a doctor before trying any of the tips. Very informative.