hCG - Pharmaceutical Grade Vs. Homeopathic

by Alina Karemin

Losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle has now become part and parcel of today's society. New methods of weight loss pop up daily, and only some are tested and tried. One such treatment is the use of hCG to lose weight. Generally speaking, two types of hCG are available on the market: a pharmaceutical grade form and a homeopathic form.

But which one is better and which one is recommended? Here are shall take a closer look at this.

Pharmaceutical grade hCG

The pharmaceutical grade human chorionic gonadotropin can only be obtained with a physician's prescription. Pharmaceutical grade hCG would have undergone rigorous testing in clinical trials to ensure its efficacy, before it became available as a drug in the pharmacy - this is reassuring. As recommended by Dr ATW Simeons, it is available in particular concentrations. The founder of the hCG diet, Dr Simeons, says that the hCG product must contain at least 125 IU of hCG for effective weight loss. Amounts less than this will have little to no effect.

Homeopathic hCG

There has been a fair bit of controversy over the use of homeopathic hCG. The product, which is available in drop form, has been broken down to show it contains water, vitamins, alcohol and just a trace of hCG, if any. As the hCG diet protocol requires a minimum amount of hCG for effective weight loss, it's hard to know how much hCG one receives with the drops.

Discussions have been held on a number of Internet forums about the usefulness of homeopathic hCG. In general, opinion says it does not help with weight loss, although there are some who say it has helped them. It is highly likely that the benefit they have received is more of a placebo effect on the weight loss is a result of their diet and exercise.

Advice on purchasing

If you are keen to start the hCG diet, it is essential that you see a doctor first ensure that is the right step for you. 'hCG drops' purchased on the Internet are likely to be homeopathic medication that may be completely useless, so this is not recommended. Obtain the effective dose to lose weight, as recommended by Dr Simeons, with a physician prescribed pharmaceutical grade hCG.


There are significant and important differences between pharmaceutical grade and homeopathic hCG. Pharmaceutical grade hCG is clearly superior to homeopathic hCG, as shown by the available evidence.

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