how to get slim

how to get slim
There are two methods that need to be performed together in order for you to get slim, and that is exercise and dieting. Without these two it is pointless to try to slim down unless you starve yourself. What you want is consistency when it comes to losing fat, and you need to always maintain it because weight gain with be almost doubled if you fall down the path of unhealthy eating again!

The Eating Plan

Drinking at least one glass of water before every meal is an important strategy. This is going to curve your appetite and make you feel full, thus making you eat less. Consequently you only need smaller portioned meals with only healthy, and low fat and calorie foods. For meats, try to reduce red meats, and cut the fats off them. You can eat turkey, chicken and fish more often if that helps.

Be sure to add in plenty of green vegetables and fruits. These will supply the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function correctly. They are also full of fiber which will fill you up quickly. A healthy running body means an increase in metabolism!

Fitness Plan to Get Lean

Perform plenty of strength building workouts such as weights. You only need to weight train for 15 minutes a day, on most days to get the benefits and help lose fat. Add in toning exercises such as crunches and sit-ups, plus some high intensity dumbbell workouts. This will be your sure way of making a slim, hour glass figure in no time at all! Another benefit of this type of strength training is that your muscles will grow, and will use extra calories whilst they are growing. It's like exercising when you aren't exercising!

Aerobic Workouts

You need to perform plenty of cardio exercises such as running, cycling and jumping rope. They are your guarantee to sweating off all those extra calories. A good routine would be to run for 15 minutes, jump rope for x3 sets of two minute sessions, weight train for 15 minutes and then perform crunches and sit-ups. Do these 4-5 days and you will surely lose weight fast!

Hydrate yourself because a lot of nutrients and water is going to leave your body. Drink zero calorie electrolyte drinks if you feel you are deprived of the electrolytes that give your body energy.

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