Solution To Building Six Pack Abs

Solution To Building Six Pack Abs
While there are many fad diets and miracle pill supplements which promise to yield unbelievable results in the gym, there are actually some proven methods for increasing your results when it comes to developing your core muscles. Today we'll talk about how to get a six pack in 3 minutes with double quick body weight circuits.

Should women lift weights? Which supplements should you use? What exercises are best to tone your abs? These are three of the most asked questions in gyms around the world and, despite the ever-growing scientific advancements we make in the health and fitness industry they just won't go away. The fact is, however, they are very easily answered when you get down to the facts...

Your midsection is the main area your body stores fat. That's important to remember. Basically, the reason most folks cannot see their abdominal muscles despite putting in over 1000 sit-ups every day is down to the fact that they hasn't structured his diet or got his cardio regime in check.

Developing your midsection becomes a whole lot easier when you get those two things in place first. Rather than doing endless sit-ups, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve in very little time.

Now, what type of exercises should you be doing when you are ready to write down a short but effective workout designed to bring out the definition in your midsection?

That's where high intensity workouts play a role. Make no mistake about it, there is not one 'right' way to get fit and a dozen 'wrong' ways. There are many different approaches and half the battle is simply learning different styles of training so you are able to adapt as you see fit. The emergence of high intensity interval training and CrossFit over the last couple of years has opened the eyes of many gym members.

By combining three core moves into a short but very intense circuit you'll be able to enjoy fantastic results in a fraction of the time it usually takes. High intensity is the key, so spend around 30 seconds on one exercise before transitioning to the next with no rest in between. Two rounds of this type of circuit would take three minutes in total.

Don't be afraid to combine moves which are very different. For example, take an exercise such as Mountain Climbers which is popular among those who like high intensity circuits. Combine this with crunches and the add in a Yoga inspired move such as the Plank.

If you keep your workout equipment free it means you can literally fit it into your day whenever and wherever you want, eliminating the chance of skipping a session.

So, learning how to get a six pack in 3 minutes per day is really quite simple indeed. It doesn't come down to miracle supplements or fat loss pills, it doesn't come down to gym myths such as ladies wondering should women lift weights or will they get bulky, it comes down to simply looking after your diet while getting regular activity and keeping your abdominal workouts short but intense.

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