Lemonade Diet

Lemonade Diet
It is originally known as the Master Cleanse diet and is as old as the 1940s. The book came out in 1946. This method of dietary plan was formulated by Stanley Burroughs.

It is unbelievable that such a fast method of losing weight could have not been popular before Beyonce talked about it on Oprah.

They get lazy, gain weight, and don't look like the oiled up, air brushed, perfect versions we see in magazines and on television.

Beyonce followed this diet during the shooting of the 2006 movie Dreamgirls. She claimed that she had lost an enormous amount of weight (around 22lb) by following this lemonade diet for 14 days.  She was the one who popularized this diet even though it had already existed since decades. However Beyonce was not the only one who lost weight on account of this diet.

It is a diet that is done for one to two weeks, usually 10 days is a good time frame, and it cleanses your colon. You are storing up to 20 pounds of junk in your colon and it needs to be flushed out.

However if you think that female celebrities are the only ones to follow the Beyonce Lemonade diet, you are wrong.Jared Leto said that he lost the extra weight which he had gained for playing 'Mark David Chapman' with the help of the Beyonce Lemonade Diet.

However though the diet is named after Beyonce, she said in an interview saying that "I wouldn't recommend it if someone wasn't doing a movie ... there are other ways to lose weight."Thus the Beyonce Lemonade diet though is a favorite of the stars, yet should be followed with some precautions.

Cayenne pepper acts as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. It suppresses appetite during the fast, fights infections like flu, and stimulates circulation. It stimulates production of saliva which is used to metabolize food and toxins.

Introduce solid foods gradually, but stick to healthy options.This Master Cleanse Lemonade diet should be adopted and incorporated into your diet. It should be continuous otherwise you will gain weight again.

This diet program requires fasting for about two weeks on this concoction and the herbal tea which is only taken at night to help with removal of the toxins from the body.

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