Liquid Diet Results For Weight Loss

Liquid Diet Results For Weight Loss
The following things will harm your liquid diet results? If you have ever tried to lose weight on a liquid diet before and have had initially good results only to be disappointed with weight gain later on, then read this article in full.

The reality is that most people are sabotaging their attempts to lose weigh over the longer term in several ways:

1.) - Alcohol will damage your liquid diet results. Your liquid diet should NEVER include any alcohol. This toxin is made by converting sugars into alcohol chemically. Many people don't realise that alcohol has nearly as many calories per gram as sugar.

So why does drinking alcohol stop you from losing weight? Firstly alcohol is almost as calorie dense as sugar and you already know not to eat more sugar in order to lose weight.

Secondly alcohol disrupts the proper function of your liver. Efficient liver function is essential for successful weight loss, even drinking moderately on a regular basis can have negative consequences for weight loss.

2.) -Too many tropical fruit drinks. We have all made this mistake. Tropical fruits like mango and banana taste delicious but contain a very high proportion of fructose sugar. Increased fructose consumption in liquid form causes a sudden spike in insulin in the body which in turn prevents fat loss.

For the best weight loss results in the shortest possible time, avoid incorporation tropical fruits in any of your smoothie recipes.

3.) - In order to lose tummy fat quickly, avoid bread altogether.

Bread, whole grains and all wheat derived products do not help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Scientific study has clearly shown this to be a myth. Gluten has a similar effect on insulin release as glucose sugar does in our body. So avoid eating wheat if you want to lose weight from your abdomen.

For liquid diet results choose oats and berries for breakfast and incorporate some shredded coconut and pumpkin seeds to this recipe. It can be enjoyed as a cereal dish with non-dairy coconut milk or blended with whey protein and milk in a liquid diet smoothie recipe.

Learn to love the green smoothie these recipes can have a profound positive effect on your hormones, blending vegetables and herbs with apples and pears will produce stunning results.

Aim to include whole food sources that contain healthy fats, the Avocado is a fantastic source of nutrients and healthy omega 3 oils that will prevent hunger too.

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