Healthy Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

Healthy Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss
This article is about healthy smoothies and their benefits to your health and effectiveness for weight-loss. The natural whole foods in these drinks will improve your digestion and accelerate your fat loss.

If you incorporate organic vegetables and fresh fruits into your blends then your body will absorb many of the beneficial vitamins and minerals from these foods.

When we blend these natural foods we release these important beneficial compounds and make them available to the digestion to absorb easily.

To make healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss, incorporate those foods that are lower on the GI index. This is a measure of how sugary a food is.

Doing so will ensure that you lose weight quickly and safely. Fruits and vegetables also have natural fibre that will help bind the sugars and release them slowly during digestion. This helps reduce the insulin response thus making it more difficult for your body to store energy as fat.

Please note that it is important NOT to include too many fruits in your smoothies for weight-loss.

For example a ratio of 60% Vegetables to 40% Fruit is ideal for a weight loss.

As you progress with green smoothie making, you can decrease the amount of fruit used and increase water rich vegetables like celery and cucumber.

TIP: Rather than having a smoothie between meals, opt for a green smoothie as a meal replacement. Eating a green smoothie on an empty stomach will be beneficial because the digestion will be primed and ready to absorb all the powerful plant based nutrients.

A successful weight loss strategy is to use the smoothie as a substitute for a solid meal once or twice a day for a short period of time. This is called a meal replacement. This also allows you to continue to eat one healthy main meal ideally in the evening.

Following a guided menu will ensure that it's easy to be successful with weight loss on a liquid diet plan.

In order to prevent hunger between meals it is however important to ad foods that contain beneficial fats or sources of protein. Doing this helps you feel full for longer.

For the best results use raw organic vegetables & fruits and blend them with filtered or bottled water.

If you want to learn more about how a healthy smoothie diet can benefit your weight-loss goals then visit the website below.

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