Now A Leading Chiropractor In Knox County Helps Locals Get Whiplash Pain Relief

Now A Leading Chiropractor In Knox County Helps Locals Get Whiplash Pain Relief
A prominent Knox County chiropractor will provide chiropractic care that alleviates the debilitating neck pain that results from whiplash. The most common cause of this injury is an automobile accident. In addition to severe pain, this injury limits range of motion.

An office visit will consist of an examination of the entire spinal column, from neck to coccyx, which is the lower end of the spine. An x-ray may be required and sometimes an MRI. Severity of the pain must be evaluated before care can begin.

In addition to significant neck injury, ligaments and muscles in the area may be involved. The neck may be very tender and feel tight. It may be impossible to turn the head from side to side.

Watching a person walk helps in the evaluation. Sometimes an MRI is required. Following the assessment, the chiropractor can design a care plan to alleviate pain and promote healing.

Immediately following the accident, your pain may be in its most acute stage. Gentle stretches and ice applications may help during that period of time. As the inflammation subsides, care can begin to include gentle spinal adjustments.

The level of pain is lessened by the spinal adjustments. Other care includes manual applications such as massage and trigger point pressure. The trigger point technique serves to reduce tension in the muscles.

Ultrasound delivers a low frequency electric current. It reduces inflammation by stimulating muscles and spasms and stiffness in your neck. These sound waves deliver a gentle heat, which works to increase circulation.

The optimal methods applicable to your set of injuries will be used to alleviate your pain. As healing occurs your neck pain will subside. The final goal of your Knox County chiropractor is to return you to work and restore the quality of life you once enjoyed.

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