Tips To Help You Enjoy Your London Yoga Class

Your London Yoga Class
So you have finally decided to go to a London yoga class. You recognised the health benefits and you have decided to be brave, put on your yoga pants and head off to a class with your friend. Yoga is fantastic but many people feel worried or nervous when attending the first class. Will you be made to stand at the front of the class? Will you fall over? Will people laugh at you because you cannot achieve the moves?

All of these emotions are normal, most people think about the same things when they arrive at the class for the first time. There is no need to worry though, the instructor will be happy to leave you at the back of the class if that is where you feel most comfortable. This is not school, you cannot be put in detention or get left out.

Here are some guidelines to help you survive your first class and gain the health benefits that this type of exercise gives you. Before you head off for your session fill up your water bottle, pick up your floor mat and put on your comfortable trousers and t shirt, read these guidelines and you will be raring to go.

Breathing is one of the most important aspects in this exercise. You will learn about paying attention to how you inhale and exhale. Many people breathe in via the mouth so practice using your nose instead. The oxygen needs to be transported to the muscles you are using so think about the air targeting certain points you are using in your body.

The second tip is about the instructor. They will have trained fully and they are the one person you should pay full attention to in class. Make sure you are able to see them easily where you are stood and do not look at other people in the room. Copying others could lead to poor techniques and even injury. Follow the instructions and the movements that your instructor makes, although you may not be able to do them properly at least you will be using the right motions and getting the benefit out of each move.

The final guideline for you to follow is to pay attention to your own body. Use the mirrors on the walls to help you put your body in the right position. You also need to listen to how your body reacts. If a stretch is hurting a lot release the position and try it again without pushing yourself so hard. There is no way that you will be able to achieve all of the moves correctly the first time. Yoga is a difficult art form to master, do not be angry or frustrated if you find it difficult. Be patient and practice.

These guidelines will help you to make the most out of your experience in class. Let your mind wonder and relax as you go through each of the positions. Remember that everyone there is looking to gain the same benefits that you are, no one is there to laugh at others.

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