motivation to lose weight

motivation to lose weight
Not always easy to get motivated to lose weight ... You wake up one morning full of enthusiasm but a few weeks later is dropped . Our advice to the challenge ... and holding on!

Slimming : choose a "coach"

To stay motivated and not crack after a few hours of diet, be followed by a professional can be invaluable. Dietician, nutritionist or even GP are indeed there to encourage you . Fears, frustrations and barriers to weight loss : these specialists will listen and help you renew your motivation at each visit . Valuable assistance which may , in some cases, be reimbursed by social security. You would be wrong to deprive yourself

make a goal : 2 kg per month

To lose weight slowly but surely , nothing like that setting a sensible weight loss and short-term . Vow to lose 20 pounds for the summer is indeed not very serious. Better set such a goal , a loss of 2 pounds each month. Perfect to avoid frustration and keep your system much longer. The real key to success.

Lose weight group

To get motivated and stay motivated , support group can be really effective and very important to give a boost in the event of loss of energy . So you have a choice: lose weight with your girlfriends , sign up for a Weight Watchers group type or ship your diet man couple . To keep morale and desire to lose weight, all strategies are good

Your photo on the fridge

Whether you have 2 or 15 pounds to lose little - matter . View the weight you want to lose is important. A picture of you too round , or rather a picture of you all are as thin stuff that can strengthen your desire to lose weight. The important thing is to see exactly why and where you want to lose weight. A stick on the fridge or cupboard cookies to cut net inadvertent cravings for sweets .

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