Some Reasons For The Popularity Of Yoga In Temple TX

The Popularity Of Yoga In Temple TX
One just has to enter any bookshop or perform a rudimentary online search to realize that millions of people experience the need to grow as people and to achieve a state of self fulfillment. There is a myriad of books that promise improvement in some area of life and the internet is crammed with sites aimed at helping people to improve themselves. However, those that practice yoga in Temple TX maintain that they have found the perfect way in which to satisfy their needs.

Also called Asana, this philosophy or method is still not well understood. Many people think that it is some type of religion while others think it is really only a specific exercise discipline. While this is all true, Asana aims to provide much more. It is in fact a holistic approach towards the improvement of the spirit, mind and body of the student.

Asana dates back many millennia. Its origin is obscure but during the last years of the eighteen hundreds Swami Vivekananda, a Hindu philosopher, introduced it to the western world. Asana gained popularity almost immediately and boast millions of practitioners to this day. In the United States alone there are more than twenty million people following the principles of Asana.

There is a common misconception that Asana is nothing but a large collection of different stretching exercises and poses. It is true that there is an emphasis on such exercises but they serve to achieve much more than mere agility, flexibility and fitness. They are used to improve the holistic balance of the student and it is especially the various poses that are used as instruments to teach spiritual principles.

The benefits of practicing Asana are numerous. No competition of any sort is allowed or encourage. Instead, students are allowed to develop and progress at a pace that is comfortable to them. Under no circumstances will a student be forced to master new poses or techniques. Most of the exercises and poses can be learned by any person, even people that are physically handicapped.

It is interesting to note that many empirical studies have been conducted to ascertain the medical value of Asana. Indeed, there are many. On a psychological level Asana has proved to be of extreme value to those suffering from various forms of depression and anxiety. Those suffering from chronic pack ache and asthma also benefit and even cancer patients are said to do better once they take up the philosophy.

Starting as a beginner is easy. There are numerous books and internet sites dedicate to teaching students the basics and in some cases even advanced techniques are demonstrated by means of video. There are also numerous books on the topic. Beginners need to be careful not to choose any teaching material that claims to be the only authentic source, since there are numerous acceptable approaches to the philosophy.

Experts agree that Asana offer a holistic approach to the improvement of the whole human being. Injuries are rare and Asana can be practiced anywhere. It offers numerous benefits and it is compatible with any belief system. It is no wonder that millions of people practice Asana regularly.

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