Different Weight Loss Surgery Options Fort Worth TX

Different Weight Loss Surgery
Going for weight loss surgery is a decision that will take one time to ponder over before making a decision about it. Even after the decision is made, there are various procedures one would have to choose from. The ideal procedure for an individual will be dependent on a number of factors; their preference, current health and procedures covered by their insurers. In considering weight loss surgery options Fort Worth TX residents should make sober decisions.

Restrictive surgeries and mal absorptive surgeries are the two main basic forms of surgery. The other specific surgeries are grouped under these two. With restrictive surgeries, stomach size is physically restricted so that rate of digestion is considerably slowed down. Normally, the stomach can hold about 3 pints of food. After the surgery however, it will hold as little as an ounce. After a while this could get stretched to 2 or 3 ounces.

By the stomach becoming smaller, a person will not be able to eat much and thus they are bound to lose some weight. Mal absorptive procedures tend to be more invasive and affect the way individuals take food. There is not only a restriction in size of the stomach but also physical removal of certain sections of the digestive tract.

When sections of the digestive tract are removed, the body finds it harder to absorb calories. Intestinal bypasses are pure mal absorptive surgeries and are no longer done due to the side effects they come with. There are a number of surgeries, each with its variations. The choice of technique will be dependent on the advice of the doctor and level of weight loss required.

Adjustable gastric banding is one of the least invasive treatments. It makes use of a band that is inflatable to help in squeezing the stomach into a smaller upper section and larger lower section. There is a channel between them that is narrow and restricts movement of food from the upper section. This will restrict the amount of food taken in a single meal. Adjustable gastric banding has the advantage of being simple to do and also due to its safety. Further, it has a faster recovery and can be reversed easily.

In sleeve gastrectomy, there is removal of approximately 75% of the stomach, with just a narrow sleeve or tube left for connection to the intestines. This procedure is at certain times used as a first step in a sequence of surgeries meant for losing weight. If in any case more weight loss was needed after sleeve gastrectomy, then it will be followed by gastric bypass.

There is also biliopancreatic diversion in which up to 70% of the stomach is removed and more of the ileum bypassed. A lesser extreme version of this is whereby there is a duodenal switch in which less of the stomach is removed and less of the small intestine bypassed. With this surgery, one will still be able to eat larger meals.

When looking at <A href="http://www.antoniocastanedamd.com">weight loss surgery options Fort Worth TX</A> residents should know what is best for them. Ideal options will depend on current health and body type of the individual. As an example, people that are obese will not benefit from procedures that are minimally invasive.

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