Wartrol Control Of Genital Warts

Wartrol Control Of Genital Warts
Panic. Fear. Shame. That's what most people feel when they find out they have genital warts (also called venereal warts). These highly contagious warts are acquired through direct contact with a sexual partner who is also infected. Most treatments require a trip to the doctor, but now an over-the-counter solution is available. For true relief, buy Wartrol, a homeopathic approach that is safe, easy and effective.

Condylomata acuminata is the scientific name for venereal or genital warts. The main symptom of this disease are small growths on and around the genitalia. The growths are round, either hard or soft, or can take the form of long growths that resemble tiny stalks. They most often itch and occasionally bleed when irritated and they make can make sexual intercourse very painful.

HPV (human papillomavirus) is the cause of condylomata acuminata (commonly called genital or venereal warts). There is no cure for HPV, however over time, the body can clear the infection itself. During the years the body attempts to heal itself however, these growths will continue to grow, spread and irritate the genital area.

Many healthcare care practitioners utilize ablative methods for removal. This means physically removing the warts with small scissors after numbing the area. Other ways include freezing, electrocauterization and even laser treatment. All these means can carry a risk of scaring and all require at least one trip to the doctor.

Topical solutions which are applied directly to the warts is a great option. Wartrol is a product that uses ingredients which are FDA-approved, along with an unique blend of essential oils. This homeopathic remedy is much less intrusive and comfortable. Wartrol works to soften the epidermal layer so the wart simply dissolves naturally. The oils keep the skin supple and revitalized.

Both male and female users give the product positive reviews overall. In addition to its effectiveness, the biggest praise comes from the ease of use. The product comes with an applicator brush and can be applied in under a minute, all in the privacy of your own home. No doctor's offices. No embarrassment. And best, no more unsightly genital warts.

In addition to topical application, many of those who use Wartrol also add nutritional supplements to help control symptoms. The plant derived compound podophyllum helps by suppressing cell reproduction. Other supplements like green tea, garlic pills and vitamin D support immune health which contributes to the body's own defenses.

It is easy to buy Wartrol as no prescription is necessary because it is entirely safe to use. The quickest way to find it is online. There are many web retailers who stock this product and you will most likely find free shipping and other specials and deals as well. Most importantly, don't hesitate. There is no reason to suffer another day with genital warts that inhibit and negatively effect your life.

Don't suffer any longer. Buy Wartrol and get your genital warts under control. This solution uses FDA-approved ingredients so it is completely safe. Avoid a trip to the doctor and start applying Wartrol at home to free yourself from the pain and embarrassment of this disease.

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